Armand F. DiMele
Armand F. DiMele, scientist, clinical, teacher and supervisor, has conducted workshops, lectures, classes and training seminars on Understanding Human Functioning at learning and health care institutions throughout the United States and Europe. He is the founder of the DiMele Center for Psychotherapy, Counseling and Research in New York City. And he is the producer and host of the popular radio program, The Positive Mind, aired weekdays on WBAI-FM in New York City.

Armand is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, a Certified Rehabilitation Specialist and a registered graduate education Supervisor. He is Chairman of The Foundation for Positive Psychology, President of Tudor Health Equities, past-president of both The New York Institute for the Dynamic Psychotherapies and The Institute for the Study of Human Energies.

He has served as instructor at Hunter College, Adelphi University, and at the New School for Social Research. His research findings on The Nature of Anxiety have been featured on numerous radio and television programs including a recent C.B.S - T.V. News Special focused on new remedies for Depression.

Armand has also served as Psychology Expert for the R.K.O. radio network and Co-chairman of the Mental Health Division of Pratt Institute's Health and Nutrition Certification Program. He is a Fellow of Great Britain's Royal Society of Health.

His background in the social sciences includes learning and memory research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and extensive training in both traditional and contemporary modalities of psychotherapy and healing.

Armand DiMele is known for his pioneering therapeutic treatment of Multiple Personality Dysfunction, and his unique understanding of the causes of human fragmentation and unity. He teaches strategies for fusing feelings and knowledge.

Articles about his innovative approach have recently appeared in The New York Times, Psychology Today, The Brain/Mind Bulletin, Science, Behavior Today, New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

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