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The Passing of Armand DiMele
Armand expressed clear wishes that any gathering that took place in his name after his passing would be oriented to celebration of life; his life and your life, and the lives of others around us. “The Positive Mind” radio program last week and this week has been attuned to this theme of “Celebration”. Staff from the DiMele Center have been offering meetings highlighted by “Celebration” in the Open House gatherings that have taken place at the Center last week and again this Tues night and Wed night from 6:30 – 9 pm. The address of the DiMele Center: 119 West 57th Street (between Sixth Ave and Seventh Ave) Suite 1100 on the 11th Floor

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Regular schedule this week
The Positive Mind program will on the air Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at 1PM EDT.

One-time consultation with Armand!
Armand is offering a one-time consultation as an incentive to donate to WBAI. To learn more about this special opportunity, read this summary to see what it might be like.

Fall Radio Schedule
Special schedule for October. Armand will be on the air:

Tuesday October 1 from 1-2PM
Every Wednesday for the rest of the month from 1-3PM.

Theme: The vicissitudes of anger

A collage of listeners

Too shallow
Too shallow sign: http://www.thepositivemind.com/Pictures/too_shallow.png

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Hot House Flowers hits the stores
Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire.

A new novel by Margot Berwin - makes metaphorical reference to the mystical/realism approach that Armand takes in his work as teacher and guide.

"Home" won the NY Emmy Award for Best Writing
"Home" is an independent self financed documentary that premiered on WNET/Thirteen last St. Patrick's day. Young Dubliner Alan Cooke reflects on his recent immigration to New York contemplating the ever changing cosmopolis and the concept of home.

With Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon, Mike Myers, Alfred Molina, Colin Quinn, Rosie Perez, Pete Hamill, Fran Lebowitz, Frank and Malachy McCourt, Elaine Kaufman, Drew Nieporent, Vinny Vella and Armand DiMele. (Woody Allen appears in TV/Cable version only)

Official website: http://homethemovie.com

Excerpt from "Seven Choices"
This excerpt is from Elizabeth Harper's book "Seven Choices":


Striking back at stress
Armand was quoted in a recent new york times article regarding stress and the current financial downturn:


NLP Center for New York
Neuro Linguistic Programming was discussed on today's radio program. More information on NLP can be found at http://www.nlptraining.com/index.asp

The DiMele Center welcomes Cindy Briolotta
The DiMele Center for Psychotherapy in New York, NY has added Cindy Briolotta to its staff. Cindy is a Certified Master Hypnotist, with specialty certifications in the following areas: Sports Hypnosis, Fertility Enhancement, Hypnotic Modeling, 5-PATH Hypnosis, and Metaphysical Hypnosis.

You can learn more about Cindy by checking her Bio in our staff directory.

Intense Feeling Psychotherapy
Today, Armand was discussing Intense Feeling Psychotherapy. More information on this subject is at : http://www.thepositivemind.com/tpm/intensefeelingarticle.html

Austin Hayes on The Positive Mind!
Armand's guest for today, Tuesday November 7 is Austin Hayes from www.thegoodheart.com. Armand and Austin will be speaking about psychology and the heart. As always, they will be broadcasting LIVE at 1PM from The DiMele Center for Psychotherapy in New York, NY.

Don't miss it!

Candace Pert on The Positive Mind this week.
Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion and her more recent book Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d will be on The Positive Mind this week. Candace has been featured in the Bill Moyers series and appeared in both of the What the Bleep movies.

She will be broadcasting LIVE with Armand DiMele from the DiMele Center for Psychotherapy in New York this Thursday November 9.

When were you born?
Have a look at this birthday calculator, which will show you statistics about your birthday. The results include astrological details, birthstones, life path compatibility and more.

New York Psychotherapy -- The DiMele Center, New York, NY

Classic "The Positive Mind"
Every once in a while, we will highlight a classic episode. Have a listen to "The Stealth Saboteur".

The Positive Mind is Podcasting!
Yes, it's true. We are officially podcasting The Positive Mind. After a LIVE broadcast on WBAI, each episode of the radio show will be available through iTunes.

Take us to the gym, on the road, or anywhere. Just go to podcasts in iTunes and search for "Positive Mind".

New site is launched!
Welcome to the new Positive Mind website!

The new site is loaded with features including details about the center, staff biographies, stuff to learn and as always, the radio show archive.

New York Psychotherapy - DiMele Center for Psychotherapy and Counseling.
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